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Ted Zed - About

With early and favourable Radio support from Radio 1 XFM & 6 Music, noting Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens, Rob da Bank, Nemone, Eddy Temple Morris. as the earliest of supporters Ted is gaining notoriety with festival bookings coming in for the summer of 2014.

 Hailing from Somerset via Saturn, and otherwise known as Edward Griggs, Ted Zed is a 19 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer who has succeeded in creating his own unique brand of electronic rock and roll

Having been discovered by renowned producer Dan Carey aka Mr Dan (Hot Chip), this led to a deal with BMG and working with Elliot (Bloc Party) James and Martin “Youth” Glover, member of legendary Killing Joke and producer of everyone from Marilyn Manson to U2.

Ted set about approaching Pattie Boyd, former wife of Eric Clapton and George Harrison to take his press shots. Pattie really liked what Ted was doing and said she would try and re-create her famous portrait of Clapton, the ‘Five Faces Of Eric’, for Ted.

Ted is a do-it-all wunderkind who handles everything from his artwork to his videos to his light show himself. He also plays numerous instruments (drums, guitars, synths) and runs his own self-built music “laboratory” at the back of his house that comprises guitars, keyboards, amps, Kaoss pads, and distortion pedals, boosters, laptops and projectors. It functions as a portable studio, enabling him to take it on the road. Ted has performed at venues ranging from a converted pig shed to Camden’s KOKO, where he had a four month residency at Club NME, who hailed him a Todd Rundgren-like genius. Ted Zed’s live shows are impressive and full of energy; you’ll find Ted triggering and manipulating pre-recorded sounds, samples and video projections, while providing live guitar and vocals.

Other prominant news:

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Daft Punk added Alien Monday video to their Summer Vevo Playlist on 24/3/14 

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Alien Monday, his latest track is to be released on 28th April 2014, was written about “that feeling of alienation you get on a Monday on the train on the way to work.” With its electro squiggles and irresistible chorus, Alien Monday is, as Ted Zed puts it, “an abstract Dali-esque song with a pop core – I wanted it to sound like a pop song that had been distorted by an alien.”